Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being charged for two games when we both only bowled one game?

One game consists of one player bowling ten frames. Thus, two people bowling ten frames each is a total of two games.

Why do I have to wear bowling shoes?

Bowling shoes have special soles that allow you to slide. The appropriate footwear also keep our approach area in good condition.

What weight bowling ball should I be using?

The general rule of thumb is 1/10th of your body weight. So a child who weighs 80 lbs. should try an 8 lb. ball. An adult female who weighs 125 should try a 12 lb. bowling ball, and so on.

How much does a bowling pin weigh?

Most bowling pins are 3lbs. 6 oz.

How far apart are the bowling pins?

Although they appear closer, pins are placed 12 inches apart from center to center.

How often do you condition the lanes?

We condition our lanes most days! All of our centers provide conditioned lanes for league bowlers, sometimes conditioning right before leagues start bowling, sometimes the evening before a day league. Most of our centers also try to provide some conditioned lanes during open bowling hours when there are no leagues so that all guests can experience the best possible bowling conditions. We always try our best to provide great scoring conditions for all our patrons.

Is there a guest count minimum for bowling birthday parties?

In general, most of our bowling centers require at least 8 children to host a party.

What is the maximum number of guests you can accommodate for bowling birthday parties?

While there are sometimes maximums due to other center activities and fire codes, we usually can accommodate as many as the space will allow.

May we bring in our own food or drink?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow outside food to be brought into our centers. It is also against state liquor laws in any state to allow alcoholic beverages to be brought into a facility that serves alcohol.   Liquor law liability also prevents us from allowing this practice. If we see someone with alcohol brought in from an outside source, we legally must confiscate it.

Which league is right for me?

Most bowlers choose a league based on their availability as well as their skill level. Some join with friends and some join to make friends. If you are in doubt, choose one that is on a day you are available. Look for phrases like “beginners are welcome” and “highly competitive” to determine the level of play for each league. We will try to match your needs to one of our fine programs to ensure you are happy with your choice!

Is there an advantage to being a left or right-handed bowler?

Well, ask a right-handed bowler and he/she will tell you a left-handed bowler has an advantage because that side of the lane does not “break down” (meaning the lane conditioner is worn away) as fast because there are less left-handed players. Ask a left-handed player and he/she will tell you a different story—that bowling centers generally pay more attention to whether the right side of the lane is conditioned properly because there are more right-handed bowlers. Rest assured, the skill set is the same for both. Both a lefty and a righty need to develop a good approach, a consistent speed of delivery, and the ability to read lanes well and hit your target consistently. Also, we do not condition one side of the lane more than the other!

Why are the lanes so slippery?

If you have ever gone over the foul line, you know that the lanes can be slippery. That is because centers apply a conditioner to keep the lanes protected and to allow proper ball reaction on the lane. Safety dictates that you never cross over the foul line to prevent injury. Our centers have warning signs prominently posted to remind you of this.

How old do you need to be to bowl?

If the child can handle rolling a bowling ball down the lane or a bowling ramp, they can bowl! We have children as young as 3 years old bowl at our centers.

What are the smallest and largest shoe sizes you carry?

Most of our centers carry shoes for toddlers size 7 and up. We carry adult sizes up to size 12 for ladies and size 17 for men.