T-Bowl II High Score Updates

August 17, 2013

Summer leagues are almost over but we have had some great scores this season. Check out the following:

Adult Junior – Michael Lidner 210 game, 49 pins over his average. Peggy Hecker 203 game which is 45 pins over her average, and Curt Kabula, 268 game which was an impressive 87 pins over his average.
Summer Seniors – Bruce Frields 213, Bob Paterson 212, Fred Meuter 230 game and 602 series, and Alan Kaplan shot 50 plus pins over his average twice, a 209 and a 214.
K&J Doubles – (Note: This league bowls four games and series listed are for four games)
Terry Greenbaum 267/897 series, Mario Pietrobono 258/963 series, Harvey Ely 278/929 games, Trung Nguyen 277/1051 series
St. Ann’s Mixed – we welcome our newest league and congratulate Gregg Kattine for his 247 game and 628 series and Debbie Caruso who had a 189 game, which was 58 pins over her average
Wednesday Open Trio – Drew Castagnetti 264/683 series, Keri May 242/642 series and a 259/643 series, Jeff Basilicato 256 game which was 73 pins over average, Dan Barker 280/696 series, Luis Gomes 185 game, 71 pins over average
Summer Moonshiners – Dan Palomino 289/764 series, Doug Doyle 195 game, which was 76 pins over average
Thursday Doubles – Billy Ely shot a 289 game and an impressive 835 series, Niki Reul 238/636 series, Dan Jiminez 276 game, which was 81 pins over average, Melissa Pyryt 245/670 series, John Cavalcante 290 game, Sal Nicosia 764 series

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