Pin Street at Hamilton High Scores

March 31, 2012

Hamilton Classic high scores for week 28 were Jim Goodwin 269/696 series, Kevin Kimmell 266/681 series, and Bill Russell with a 691 series. High scores for week 29 were Jim Goodwin again with a 258 game, Mike Fossati 265/715 series, Charlie Werts with a 258 game, Pat Drager with a 697 series and Dan Onarati with a 662 series.

HST Mixed League scores from 03/26/12 are Harry Pasquito 257/742 series, Bob Michalis 231/667 series, Ryan Esposti 243/657 series, Tom Emery 631 series. Marlene Dintinger and Jean Lynch led the ladies with a 199 game and a 195 game respectively.

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