Delaware Valley Tournament to be Held November 13th!

November 1, 2011

Pin Street at Hamilton is proud to announce it will be hosting the Delaware Valley Tournament on November 13th!

1st place wins $2000! Free LCD Flat Screen TV for the first 300 game bowled!

The semi-finals will be held the following weekend at Levittown, and the top 24 teams from that round advance to the finals, to be held at Slocums on November 20th at noon.

This is a doubles tournament and it is 85% handicap based on 440 team average. Entry fee is $180 if reserved by Nov. 9th. Any entry received after 11/9 will be $190.

Call (609) 585–2400 or email us at for entry blanks. Don’t miss out, this is the premier event of the fall in our area!

Read more for official tournament rules & information…

1. Format: Eliminations will consist of two 5 game blocks. One block at Curtis Lanes in Ewing, NY (bowled Saturday Nov. 12, 2011) and one block at Pin Street at Hamilton in Hamilton, NJ (bowled Sunday Nov. 13, 2011). The top 81 teams will advance the 3rd day to Levittown Lanes in Levittown, PA, where they will be broken into 3 squads of 27 teams each. Scores will be carried over from the first two days and added to the 4 games bowled at Levittown. The top 24 teams will advance to the finals at Slocums on the final day. Note: Lanes will be dressed before each squad at Levittown Lanes.

2. Average rule: Individuals must use their highest “2010-2011” book average. If no “2010-2011” book average, use highest current season average for at least 21 games as of 11/07/2011. If you do not meet either of the above requirements, you must bowl scratch (average 220). If current season’s average is to be used, verification from your league secretary is required. USBC Rule 319a, Item 3 will be enforced: “Bowlers are responsible for verifying his/her average, whether submitted by bowler or others. If the submitted average is lower and results in a lower classification or more handicap, the bowler’s score will be disqualified. If the submitted average is higher than required, prize winnings will be based on submitted average.”

Notes: If your entering average is not in MBBA or TSWBA, please indicate City, State and what association submitted average was established.

3. Dress Code: All bowlers who make the finals competition must be properly attired. There will be no t-shirts, shorts, mini skirts, or hats permitted. Shirts with collars must be worn.

4. All participants must be USBC Certified for the 2011-2012 season.

5. Set-up: Field limited to 120 teams. Handicap 85% of Team Av. limit 440. Maximum handicap per team per game = 100 pins. 10 pin rule is not in effect. Falsification of Average will result in disqualification (as stated in Rule 319a, Item 3 above). USBC rule 319D & 319E waived. All prize monies returned 100%. Paying ever 1 in 5 entries. All USBC rules will abide. Tournament Director reserves all rights.

Tournament Director: Chuck South
Tournament Secretary: Michelle Heck

Organized under Hamilton.

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